Physical Therapy

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Synergy Physical Therapy Services

Synergy PT formulates treatment plans to help those suffering from orthopaedic and sports-related injuries. 

Our comprehensive assessment allows us to form a realistic goal to meet our patient(s) individual expectations. Treatment plans will use a combination of manual therapy techniques, corrective therapeutic exercises, and modalities to help patients achieve their goals.

Physical Therapy Services:

Synergy Physical Therapy & Performance provides patients with the most advanced evidence-based practice techniques. Individualized treatment plans are created after a comprehensive physical examination and evaluation. Treatments are designed to enhance functional performance, while decreasing pain, stiffness, and limitation. Regardless of age or activity level, Synergy Physical Therapy & Performance has treatment options that are right for you.

Treatment options include manual therapy interventions such as trigger point dry needling, joint mobilizations, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilizations, manual stretching, manually resisted muscle strengthening, and Kinesiotape appliaction for joint/muscle pain and postural correction. Corrective therapeutic exercise is a key component to Synergy's physical therapy intervention and allows improvement in: muscle/joint performance, flexibility/muscle imbalance, body mechanics/posturing, and cardiovascular endurance. Treatment options also include common therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation, thermal modalities, and cryocompression. 

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